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pls_btn8 Math Refresher: This brief overview covers useful high-school math you may have forgotten. Includes basic formulas for sinusoid and logarithmic functions, a discussion of log scales, and discrete probability. Includes a list of recommended inexpensive reference books. By William Stallings
pls_btn8 Number Systems: Decimal, binary, hexadecimal, with a discussion of conversion from one system to another. By William Stallings.
pls_btn8 Pronunciation of mathematical expressions: The pronunciations of the most common mathematical expressions are given. A useful guide for everyone, especially ESL students and professionals.
pls_btn8 Queuing Analysis: A practical guide to an essential tool for computer scientists. By William Stallings.
pls_btn8 Math Help: Get Free Math help and Free online Math tutoring. Master basic and advanced Math concepts and also get help with your Math homework from best Online Math tutor
pls_btn8 Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet: By Professor Steven Seiden. Ten pages of commonly used formulas and other useful information for computer scientists.
pls_btn8 Ask Dr. Math An excellent source of information on many math area. The emphasis is on high school math but college-level math is also covered.
pls_btn8 The Mathematical Atlas: A very large collection of articles about aspects of mathematics. Each article gives a basic introduction to the subject, applications and related fields, and selected topics. There are also many references to resources, both books and online, that discuss the topic in greater detail.
pls_btn8 Applied Mathematics: Links to Math resources on the Web, organized by topic, plus by keyword search. The site also shows the level of mathematical background to read the materials.
pls_btn8 MathWorld: By the makers of Mathematica. Extensive, useful collection of information.
pls_btn8 Math Tables and Formulas: Tables featured include Trigonometric Identities, Derivatives, Indefinite Integrals, Common Integrals, and Binomial Coefficients and Formulas, among others. A search engine and links to other S.O.S. sites and the S.O.S. Mathematics Cyberboard (for posting questions) can also be found here.
pls_btn8 Math Reference Tables: Excellent collection of downloadable math tables.
pls_btn8 Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia: Large collection of entries on mathematical terms and concepts.
pls_btn8 Sage This computer algebra/computer mathematics package has the power and flexibility of Mathematica, Maple, or MATLAB. It is open source, free, and platform-independent. If you master one math package, this is the one to pick.

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