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pls_btn8 Avoiding plagiarism: Clearly explains the difference between legitimate paraphrasing and copying that could get you in trouble. new3
pls_btn8 Writing Progress: This free academic writing assistance Web site provides advice and writing tips from experts.
pls_btn8 William Strunk's The Elements of Style (1918 edition, online): Despite its age, this short classic will do more to improve your writing style than any newer or longer book.
pls_btn8 Online Resources for Writers: A good collection of links to many of the major online writing resources.
pls_btn8 Writing Guide: A useful general guide to writing papers, from Henson College.
pls_btn8 Guide to Grammar and Writing: Excellent and thorough discussion of grammar and composition, includes tutorials, links, and FAQs.
pls_btn8 Style Guide Resources: A detailed list of style guide resources for the MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE styles.
pls_btn8 Online College Writing and Training Guide: A well-organized set of resources designed to help you improve your writing skill.

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