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CAREERS | Computer Science Student Resources
Page last updated: 4/6/20

pls_btn8 Association for Computer Machinery (ACM): I highly recommend student membership for every CS student.
pls_btn8 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): Ditto.
pls_btn8 ACM Career Resources. ACM is an excellent source of CS career information. Resources include:
Online Resources for Graduating Students, which has a useful list of links to career Websites.
ACM Career and Job Center: place for job seekers and employers in the computing industry to connect with each other.
pls_btn8 IEEE Resume Lab: Online service that allows IEEE members to develop a resume or CV using specialized tools tailored for each step of the job seeking process. Excellent resource.
pls_btn8 Career Blog: Excellent resource of brief tutorials on a variety of topics. Includes good info on computer science resume writing.
pls_btn8 6 examples of effective IT resumes: Creating a compelling technology resume that stands out but more importantly elicits the type of job you’re focused on requires knowing what you want and telling your story quickly, clearly and concisely in a way that highlights what you bring to the table. These real-world examples are an excellent source of ideas.
pls_btn8 IEEE Computer Society Career Watch: Another excellent source of career information.
pls_btn8 IEEE Job Site: Yet another excellent source of career information, plus specific job leads.
pls_btn8 Computer Science Online: An in-depth website for potential and current students considering a career with computers, software engineering, and more. Includes useful guide to degree programs and a page devoted to programs and guidance for women.
pls_btn8 College Degrees Online: A more comprehensive website covering all program areas.
pls_btn8 Women in Cybersecurity: A worthwhile site that encourages women into the field and offers resources.new3
pls_btn8 Graduate Degrees in Cybersecurity: Includes the most popular and emerging certification options in the field of information security and cyber defense, State guides on cybersecurity initiatives, master’s program options and employment opportunities, a comprehensive list of schools qualified for the Centers of Academic Excellence designations through the NSA and DHS, and education alternatives through bootcamps and open online courses.
pls_btn8 Online Computer Science Degrees: A useful guide and source of information for students looking to earn a computer science degree online.
pls_btn8 Open Education Database: Useful source of information on online CS degrees and on CS careers, including a breakdown of which career paths are most in demand.
pls_btn8 Online Computer Science Degree Programs: Yet another source.
pls_btn8 Master’s in Data Science: A useful collection of guides and discussions.
pls_btn8 Cybersecurity Courses and Programs: Information on degree programs and online courses.
pls_btn8 Online PhD UK: Another useful service. The site is a compilation of free guides and advice by practising university academics, provides free information and guidance for PhD Scholarships. Not limited to UK residents.
pls_btn8 How to Become a Computer Engineer: A useful site that includes: an overview of requirements for those pursuing a career in a number of computer science fields, available on-campus and online computer science programs, related job salary comparisons, and job growth outlook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
pls_btn8 Dice: Frequently rated the best job site for positions worldwide in the information technology industry.
pls_btn8 MindSumo: This company hosts computer science projects for students to complete to show their capabilities to recruiters. An interesting alternative approach to linking up with a potential employer.
pls_btn8 Letters of Recommendaton: Sound advice on soliciting a letter of recommendation.
pls_btn8 Computing Research Association Taulbee Survey: The Taulbee Survey is the principal source of information on the enrollment, production, and employment of Ph.D.s in computer science and computer engineering (CS & CE) and in providing salary and demographic data for faculty in CS & CE in North America.
pls_btn8 Computer Science Career Guide: Job descriptions, which includes daily actiivity, skill requirements, salary, training required.
pls_btn8 Computer Jobs: Lists thousands of searchable job opportunities categorized by major metropolitan markets and skill sets.
pls_btn8 ComputerWorld IT Topic Center: Wide range of material, including news, white papers, career center, in-depth reports, etc.
pls_btn8 Why a PhD in Computer Science?: Slides by Prof. John Stankovic of U. of Virginia. Salary figures from 2003.
pls_btn8 Computer Science: Student Myths and Misconceptions: From the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. Well worth reading.
pls_btn8 Online PhD Guide. Director of online PhD programs, plus useful information and perspectives on researching, time management, dissertations and more.
pls_btn8 A Discussion of Textbook Costs: From the Text and Academic Authors Association.

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