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pls_btn8 C.A.T.S, Inc: My favorite charity. The founder a remarkable woman, a paraplegic who has worked to rescue cats and to help special needs and autistic children for over twenty years. Read her inspiring story here. You can donate at her Website or by buying wine at BenefitWines.com.
pls_btn8 All of Me. Against All Odds, 12 Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Follows Her Dreams. Extraordinary moving video. new3
pls_btn8 Why do people attend golf tournaments? In the hope of seeing shots like this, and this, this, this, this, this, and this. new3
pls_btn8 Hallelujah. One of my favorite songs.new3
gritty version by the song’s composer, Leonard Cohen
—L. D. Lang strips the paint off the concert hall walls with this
rousing rendition.
pls_btn8 Dan Ariely on dishonesty: Fascinating, informative, and entertaining video.
pls_btn8 TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design: Superb collection of videos on a wide range of subjects from the awe inspiring, like David Gallo's talk to the thought provoking, like Karen Armstrong’s. Well worth visiting and revisiting.
pls_btn8 Institute of Art and Ideas: Good place to go to stretch your brain. Lots of thought-provoking video lectures and discussions by some of the outstanding thinkers of the day, such as this lecture by renowned philosopher Mary Midgley.
pls_btn8 Powerful Life Lessons From this Inspiring Professor -- Who is Dying of Cancer. By Prof. Randy Pausch, Computer Science Dept, Carnegie-Mellon U. This video is only several minutes long, but its inspirational message will stay with you for a long time. Learn more from his Web site. Prof. Pausch died in July 2008.
pls_btn8 Super Plank. One of the most amazing feats of strength I have ever seen.
pls_btn8 An awesome commercial: My favorite TV commercial - this is from the 1980s. There’s no computer animation in this piece. These cars are really flying through the air. Amazing demonstration of driving skill.And here is a documentary from the mid 80s on how some of those extraordinary stunts were done: part 1, part 2, part 3.
pls_btn8 The Raven A terrific reading by Garrison Keillor of this great poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
pls_btn8 Serial Taxi a short film by Paolo Cogliati. A lesson about judging.
pls_btn8 Perfect a short film by Mauricio Bartok. A lesson about loving the good (not the best).
pls_btn8 Christian the Lion: If you have a heart, this story should melt it.
pls_btn8 An elephant self-portrait: The elephant in this video, who was rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, actually paints a beautiful self-portrait! How can this be? Well, elephants are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. They have highly developed brains, with traits similar to humans, apes and dolphins. In fact, even though this elephant may have been trained to paint pictures, elephants are known to display traits of self-awareness. For instance, if an elephant sees its image in a mirror, it may try to rub a smudge of dirt off its face. Elephants are also known to grieve, use tools, show a sense of humor, and also share in joyful events, such as gathering to greet a newborn. These animals are in a sanctuary maintained by the Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project.
pls_btn8 Game: My favorite short story
pls_btn8 Tibetan Personality Test This is a unique personality test. There are only 4 questions but the result is very interesting.

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